Thursday, February 20, 2014


All this snow has been a huge pain to deal with.  We dig our car out, then the plows come by and we have to dig out again from an even bigger pile.  We shovel the walks, then it snows and ices over the next day.  We go out and shake off the tree branches again and again and again.  We dry Bear off every time he comes in the house from his adventures.

But there are two good things about all this snow.  1.  Snow days (I wish we got more of them), and 2. The way our house looks in the snow.  I can't get enough of the bright red with the stark white.

When we first bought the house we contemplated painting it a more subdued color like grey or wedge wood blue, but we quickly grew to love the fire-engine red color and are so glad we kept it.  Grey?  What were we thinking.