Friday, February 21, 2014

A smile for your Friday

I like to think that Bear is physically and mentally incapable of being unhappy.  Every morning (regardless of the day) he greets us at 6:45 am with a whine and pops his furry face up on the side of the bed to make sure we're awake and ready to play.  There are only two options in life, you know: sleep or play.

When we get out of bed he promptly rolls over for some tummy rubs.  Then he waits to be carried downstairs (the diva is still afraid of the stairs because they are quite steep and slippery) to answer the call of nature.  

He comes inside for breakfast and runs around tossing his favorite toy to himself, stopping only to bark at the blender (his #2 nemesis after the vacuum).  Then there's the walk to the metro, followed by a jog or a long walk and playtime at the park with his friends.  And all of this before 8:30!

It's no wonder he's always smiling.  Life is pretty good when you're Bear.


  1. Rachel, What breeder did you get Bear from? He is so precious!

    1. Thanks, Liz! We are pretty smitten with him too. We got him from Angelic Doodles in Texas :)