Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ode to Meg

An ode to Meg on this, the illustrious day of her birth.

(Note: Because it's been ages since I studied poetry, I can pretty much guarantee that this resembles nothing even close to an ode.  Be forewarned.)

Way back in the awkward days of my youth
I wandered, lonely, the halls of an ugly brick school

There were populars, druggies, goodie-goodies and tools
Then there was the orchestra where the best kids hung, that's the truth

And on those first few days of nervous banter
I met a girl with blond hair and infinite skill

Both witty and musical - oh such a thrill
So I shyly struck up a conversation and figured "can't hurt"

In an instant I knew that this girl was the best
She had style, pizzazz, and put up with my quirks

She ran distance, played violin, and aced all of her tests
With a friend like her we kept ourselves from the jerks

At 16 she was given a great surprise
An old Camry, named Gary, and from her parents several instructions

To never turn left off of a main road - or die
But with right turns we managed to drive all over without any obstruction

Through high school and college we survived on diet coke and runs to 7-11
And named stop signs after the times we had accentually run through

Miss Meg's been a life-saver since my ninth grade youth
So, Happy Birthday dear Meg, hope you get a little slice of Heaven!


  1. Rach! I love this so much. Thank you, dear friend

    1. You are the bestest pal a girl could have