Monday, February 3, 2014

Meal planning

I've had a goal in the past few months to try at least one new recipe every week for dinner.  My ideas were piling up on Pinterest, and I wasn't making any progress, so I decided to jump in headfirst.

To help further this effort and to cut the amount of food we throw away, I've been trying hard to meal plan every Monday for the rest of the week.  I generally plan meals for Monday - Thursday.  We usually eat with family or have a date night Friday or Saturday, and then we graze and eat leftovers on Sundays.

Not all of the recipes I've tried have been a success, but last week I tried three new recipes and loved all of them.  I thought I'd start recording my meal plans here so I can keep track of what I've made that I've liked or disliked.  Also, then I can refer back to it in a pinch when I'm too lazy to meal plan in the future.

I bought a rotisserie chicken at Costco last Monday and made it last for three meals (hence the plethora of chicken-centered meals last week).  By the fourth meal I was - understandably- over chicken and went veggie.

Rotisserie chicken
Steamed broccoli
Oven roasted garlic and bacon mashed potatoes  (I used turkey bacon because we prefer it)

*Verdict:  The roasted potatoes were incredible. I think I could eat them every week.

Chicken enchiladas (no recipe here, just an old standby)
Rice and bean with diced tomatoes and peppers

*Verdict: Nothing too adventurous, but always a crowd pleaser.  I did find that I like the Giant brand enchilada sauce more than any other I've tried.

Chicken Yakisoba

*Verdict: Good, but not my favorite thing I've ever made.  It did have a ton of veggies in it, so that was a plus.

Indian Spiced Chickpea and Fire Roasted Tomato soup  (I didn't like the texture, so I blended this and it was divine)

*Verdict: I think I'm adding this to the "go-to" recipe list.  It was easy, cheap, and delicious.

Sunday (baking)
Swig sugar cookies

*Verdict:  YUM. Just about the easiest sugar cookie you could make because it doesn't need to be rolled out and cut.


  1. Were the swig cookies really that good? Can I believe the hype?

    1. I've never been to swig, so I can't say how they compare. They were pretty darn good, though. And the ease of preparation counts for a lot in my book.

  2. That tomato/chickpea soup does indeed sound divine. And even more divine blended. - Mariko

    1. I think you would love it, Mariko! It's delicious.

  3. I just failed the prove-you-aren't-a-robot shibboleth. twice. It is time to leave the office, while I can still find my own way home...