Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And one more about Valentine's Day

Just another quick note about Valentine's Day.

We were planning to go out to eat at a fancy French restaurant, but we were snowed in and sniffling like crazy, so we did the ultimate romantic thing and ordered a pizza. It was grand.

And, not to leave it at a simple unhealthy dinner, we added a very unhealthy dessert.  It turned out great, though, so I had to share.

I made dark chocolate caramel fondue from the recipe found here and it was amazing.  The best part?  It only took about 10 minutes (including the time it took to unwrap all those caramels and wash the fruit).  There's no question I'd make it again.  I think it would be wonderful as a fudge sauce for ice cream, too.  Honestly, I'd eat it with a spoon if given the chance.

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