Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"This is Laura from the White House calling"

I'm not sure how much I'll end up writing on this, but just to give you a little taste of my life out here:

Reasons why I love Washington, D.C.:
1. While interviewing, you really can get a call from Laura at the White House...even if it isn't the Laura you were wishing wishing.

2. I get preached to every day by the crazy man at the corner of 12th and G.

3. The "Drag Queen Drag Race, Stilletto Derby."

4. The view of the monuments from my apartment.

5. The grid system.

6. Cafe la Ruche, Cafe du Parc, Bistro le Pic, Alero, Delhi House, Potbelly....

7. Georgetown.

8. Strangers yelling at each other in languages I've never even heard of.

9. Ebonics.

10. Proximity to Europe, and all the other great East Coast cities.

11. Everyone's an attorney, or in law school...

Reasons why I don't like Washington D.C.
1. Everyone's an attorney, or in law school...

2. The metro is only open until midnight on weekdays.

3. The woman who stands at my metro stop who says she's pregnant and hungry...it breaks my heart every time.

4. Bitter women in the singles wards.

5. No Cafe Rio/Bajio/Costa Vida.

6. No Ashton, Allie, Lindsey, Rachel, Meg, Jenny, Brooke...you get the picture....

7. The female to male ratio has got to be at least 3 to 1.

8. Cost of living.

9. Not nearly enough ice cream places.

10. Free coffee at work...not everyone drinks coffee ok?! I want free diet coke!