Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Duck Beach. Or, as I like to call it: "Find a Mate '08"

I did it. No, I didn't get a mate. I just did Duck. In fact, you will notice in the pictures that I will shortly post, that none of the group I was with was able to find a mate (no, just because it's five guys and two girls doesn't mean we're polygamists. That whole multiple wives thing --despite what people think-- doesn't really fly in the Mormon church). I guess we're off to a bit of a late start. It's almost halfway through the year. Get crackin' fellows.

Friday night after work Valerie and I drove down with a random guy we met on the listserv. He was extremely nice, but there were two problems. Namely:

A. Airconditioning was a no-go. It was 75 degrees that day. So, I was faced with two options: sweaty Rachel or wind-blown Rachel. Apparently I wasn't satisfied with either of the two evils, so I opted for both: temporary breathable air making my hair a huge rats nest, followed by unbreathable air, slightly better hair, and a sweat-glistening forehead.

B. We listened to the same REM CD for about 5 hours stright. Gave a me a whole new view on "it's the end of the world as we know it." Don't worry though, I felt fine.

Our house didn't open until Saturday afternoon so we camped in Kitty Hawk. Yes, that's right, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Thank you Wright brothers for giving that little village a spot on the map.

Camping was, I slept on my beach towel. And, I'm also pretty sure that I slept on a cactus.

Then it rained all morning.

I was a wet, bug-bitten, cactus-backed dribble of a person that morning. Tom couldn't stop laughing. Thank you Tom. Glad you got to sleep in that nice tent with Destiny and some camping pads and warm sleeping bags. Good thing I was able to buy your friendship back with chocolate (Note: Tom will do almost anything for nice chocolate...).

Saturday day-time highlight: driving down the main drag in Kitty Hawk. Squeezed in between Destiny and Tom in the front of Tom's U of U-inspired truck. All three wearing aviators. All three singing at the top of our lungs to Celine Dion. Air guitar and dashboard drumming included. I guess it was just pratice for Sunday night's rock band extravaganza.

Saturday night-time highlight: leaving our house party just as the police showed up. Well done Destiny and Michael for thinking of hot tubbing across town rather than hang out with 400 "sweet bra's".

Sunday day-time highlight: the "sunday school lesson" taught by Preston to the six of us in my king-sized bed, followed by the card that everyone "signed." Blake even signed it from New Hampshire and Paul from back in D.C...wonder how that worked out???

Sunday night-time highlight: Rock band and cake. More specifically, getting sick from eating too much cake and cookie dough and then listening to Tom's rendition of "In Bloom" by Nirvana and watching Michael drum like his life depended on it. My vocal tolerance and my sugar tolerance will never be the same.

It was definitely the best birthday I've had in a long time. 22, sheesh. So old. (KIDDING). I am always embarassed to tell people how old I am because I am such a baby. I guess I shouldn't try to grow up too fast though. Life's pretty good right now and I'll be darned if I don't enjoy every second of it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I pick the wrong line at the supermarket 87.9% of the time. Today I spent twenty minutes in line behind a family that looked like they were from Texas, and looked like they could have eaten the entire contents of their over-flowing cart in one sitting. In fact, the lady working at the checkstand was confused/bewildered that she had to ring up several candy bar wrappers and empty pepsi cans due to the hunger that just couldn't wait during their meandering up and down the aisles.

100% of the time something completely random and interesting happens to me in transit between my apartment and my office. Today after work I decided to walk halfway home rather than take the metro. It finally stopped raining (first time in 48 hours) and I wanted to enjoy the sunshine. One block out of the office and I meet my first "experience." A sketchy-looking man, smoking a joint, came up to me: "excuse me, miss." He looked straight into my eyes and handed me a flower. Not a rose. Not a long-stem tulip. Some kind of flower that he had picked from one of the planters along the street. I don't exactly love pansies, but thanks, Chester.

Ice cream is a good idea 99.8% of the time. Meaning: I can and will eat it all day, and roughly 49.8% of the remaining day that constitutes the night.

Road trips to Baltimore are 110% successful when accompanied by a large group of friends. I think what added the extra 10% was, in fact, the fascist family who ran the drive-in movie. "You want to hear inconsiderate and rude? I'll give you inconsiderate and rude! (taking down the license plate number)". So, even though I didn't enjoy the Spiderwick Chronicles, I fully enjoyed myself and my ability to survive the freezing cold temperateres that accompanied the Baltimore extravaganza.

With me, blogging only consistently occurs 25.3% of the time. Well done, Rach, well done. I am hoping to get my numbers up to 67.33% here fairly soon. I'm going to need a 112% increase of Pasta Roni intake.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Coffee Break

Dear Mark:

I am being told no affiliations are to be read in the attached. I do notice nobody was pictured with Hillary. A sign of what will happen tonight?

Best regards,


To be fair to Rachel, I had asked her to stand there with me, as everybody else, including Sally, surprisingly, refused.



I hope you all were handing out business cards at the same time. And by the way, William, what were you doing to John's head? John McCain has lived through more than any of us can ever imagine, but I am not sure he can live with whatever you were doing to his head!

Best regards


Dear Mark:

It was the emotion, I lost control. Can you imagine, being so close to our next president?

Best regards,

I love my IBT (International Business Transactions) team. Cake break in the middle of the day? Yes please!
Who said lawyers have no sense of humor? And no, I'm not an Obama supporter. (Sorry, Blake). Don't judge me.