Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nats, Hats and Friends

Oh what a blissfully wonderful weekend!

After dealing with the heat and humidty over Memorial Day, I thought summer was here to stay.  But, thankfully I was wrong.  This past weekend temperatures reverted back to the spring - low 70's, clear skies and a breeze.  We took advantage of the weather and spent as much time as possible outside.

Meg and Stephen are living here for the summer while Stephen does an internship. They arrived Friday night amidst thundering skies and tornado warnings (so, I retract my previous statement...the weather was awful on Friday, but made up for it on Saturday and Sunday).  We celebrated the beginning of their DC adventure by introducing them to our favorite Italian joint - Pacci's and by cuddling Ivy and laughing at the extreme 90's-ness of Jeff Bridges in Arlington Road.

Saturday morning we perused a rather sad neighborhood yard sale (where my neighbors tried, forcefully and unsuccessfully, to persuade Stephen and Meg to buy all manner of used baby items) and drove five minutes with Meg and Stephen to their new place.

Blake and I spent the rest of the afternoon gardening, grocery shopping, and going to the National's game with Tiffany and Ryan.  Tiffany's company gave us each a ticket, a National's hat and $15.00 to spend on food.  In a word, it was amazing.  The weather was perfect, the company was fabulous, the Nat's won, and Shake Shack was as delicious as always.  (I love that there is a Shake Shack at National's Stadium!)

Here we are.  I'm looking a little worse for wear in the sun and wind.  Oh well. 

I will say this: after discovering the incredible comfort of Haines men's undershirts, I may never sport a real shirt in the summer again.  Those things are amazing.  Go out and buy some right now.


  1. I recognized your shirt instantly... pretty much my every day shirt these days.

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