Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the Pink House Ladies do DC (more photos)

Rachel kindly circulated her photos from last weekend and I had to share those, too.

Here we are after having dinner at my house on Friday night.  We missed Allie (who was on her way down from New York) and Ashton (who was holding down the fort in Utah), but had a grand time together doing what we do best: eating and talking a-mile-a-minute.

The next morning we met up at the Capitol for a tour.  Due to our baby-friends, we got elevator passes for our group, which was pretty amazing.

Rachel and I got there early (and I even parallel parked successfully for the first time! Fist pump!) and walked around the Capitol grounds playing tourist.

What touristing would be complete without the arm-extension shot?  Two Rachel's are better than one!

After our tour we walked in the sweltering heat over to Good Stuff Eatery for hamburgers and the best shakes known to mankind (the Milky Way Malt rocks my world).

Lucky for us, we got the only seats on the main floor and set up camp by barricading ourselves in with strollers.  Best lunch fort ever.


  1. this seriously looks like it was the most fun weekend! im a little jealous i didnt live at the pink house.

  2. oh my gosh how fun! i love it! love, love, love it! totally miss rach cam by the way!