Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Ahh.  That sweet, sweet sound of opening a can of diet coke on a Tuesday afternoon.  I usually try to stay away from my weakness of battery acid disguised as netar of the gods, but I just couldn't do it today.

It's Tuesday and I'm too tired to hold out.  My back is too sore from sleeping in a weird position (don't you hate that).  And I'm simply too weak to hold out against my colleagues when they propose a quick coke break. 

A friend and I are making this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil's Food Cheesecake (say that all in one breath!) tonight for a Pinterest party:

Although my decorating skills are somewhat lacking and I doubt it will look nearly half as beautiful as it does in this photo, I rarely meet a sweet that I don't enjoy, so it'll be good no matter how it looks.

I'll leave you now with a watering mouth and a promise to post pictures of the final product tomorrow.



    I had to buy a soda today too. I officially name this Tired Tuesday.

  2. this seriously looks amazing!! i asked on insta if you made it, but now i have my answer. such a talented lady you are!