Wednesday, June 13, 2012

No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn

I woke up in the middle of the night to my phone buzzing on the bedside table.  I groggily grabbed it and looked to see who was calling me at such a late/early hour.  It read "Blocked," so I let it go to voicemail.

I was intrigued to see what could be so important as to warrant a call to me at that time, so I listened to the voicemail.  And then I spent the next hour fighting off nightmares because this is what I heard:

A child's voice.  But not the sort that actually comes from a child.  The sort that comes from a voice changer.  The sort that comes from those freakish twins in the Shining.

This shrill, gasping, childish voice asked -nay, demanded - money from me.  And emphasized that when I call back to give that money, to make sure to list all my identifying information: address, e-mail, birth date...

It was at about this point in the message that my sleep-deprived mind started thinking about the Shining and serial killers and how the child-impersonator was probably lurking right outside my window watching me.  I quickly deleted the message, but the damage was done.  These thoughts were enough to keep me up for the next while tossing and turning in the sheets. 

This morning as I relayed the story to Blake over breakfast, I wished I hadn't so quickly deleted the message because it was all seeming a little less scary than it was in the middle of the pitch-black night. 


  1. You are very nice not to wake Blake. I'd be just a little creeped out. I promise that it wasn't me. I don't do prank calls anymore.

  2. That is so scary! I'm reading this in the middle of the day and it still freaked me out a little. How bizarre. You have an iPhone, right? Because you can still listen to your deleted messages until you go in to "Deleted Messages" and clear them.

  3. @Mildred - I would have made him wake up, but he had been up coughing, so I didn't want to lessen his sleep...haha. Otherwise I totally would!

    @Valerie - Blake just showed me how to do that. I re-listened to the message in the daylight hours and it was still freaky. I wish I knew how to get audio files on the blog because you could be freaked out, too!

  4. oh my word. this is beyond freaky. it kind of gave me the willies.