Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Braving the Memorial Heat

It's hard to believe it's already Wednesday.

I love starting the work week a day late.  I keep surprising myself thinking it's Tuesday when it's actually Wednesday.  And nothing is more satisfying than waking up on what you think is Monday morning only to discover that you get to skip Monday and head straight into Tuesday.

Our weekend was jam packed with great food, fabulous restaurants, fun friends, copious treats, and the rather unwelcome hot hot heat.

Friday brought an early-out work day, a delicious Mexican dinner with friends (these ones, these ones and these ones) at our favorite place and a party until the wee hours of the night/morning.

Saturday brought yard work, the vengeful return of the bugs and, consequently, the return of my swollen bug bites, birthday shopping and dinner at Seasons 52 with Blake's family.

Sunday rolled around with a late morning, laundry, painting, church, a longer-than-expected nap, and some truly painful, wilting heat.  The heat was so intense, in fact, that we wimped out and didn't go to the Memorial Day concert at the Capitol like we'd planned.  We felt guilty about that decision until we were watching the concert on TV in the comfort of our own air conditioning and about half an hour in they cancelled the program due to vicious weather.  So, we then enjoyed the rain and sounds of booming thunder on the couch while we congratulated each other on making such a fine decision.  The moral of this story is that sometimes being lazy really pays off.

We braved the heat on Monday with Tiffany and Ryan to explore Annapolis.  It was beautiful, but swelteringly, drippingly hot and humid.  We roamed downtown by spending a few moments outside and then popping into the nearest air-conditioned store to browse.  I'm not sure how much Blake and Ryan enjoyed this (it's sort of a lose-lose situation for a man: be extremely hot, or spend time in women's clothing and accessory stores), but it was a fun afternoon for Tiffany and me.

You know you've got good friends when they don't judge you for being a sweaty mess all day.

We saved our appetites (aside from devouring heaps of ice cream at the Annapolis Ice Cream Company) and used my birthday gift card to eat lunch at Copper Canyon Grill back in Silver Spring (thank you Grandma and Grandpa for paying for our lovely lunch!). 

I wish we had another three-day weekend in our immediate future.  I need another one just like this one. 

Above: The Annapolis Navy band playing the Marine's Hymn on the pier in the heat.

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  1. Rachel, so cool that you know Bree and Kevin! I somehow accidentally reposted that Easter post from 2010(that's what I get for going back in and correcting comma errors after the fact), so in reality we haven't seen them in 2 years, ha ha. So sad. I think Alex and I need to come out to D.C. sometime (not that I'm inviting myself or anything). :)