Friday, November 20, 2009

La plus ca change...

I'm heading to my parents' home in Utah tomorrow for a week of fun, family, food, friends, and probably a myriad of other (decent) F words I can't think of right now.

Unfortunately, Blake is stuck at work until Wednesday morning, so he won't be joining me until then.  I'm pretty bummed about it, but I guess I can console myself by thinking that I'd be alone at home anyway since Blake will be working most of the weekend.  Don't worry, we've already planned the first thing we'll do when he arrives: eat Bajio, of course (or Cafe Rio if we can't wait until Provo). 

It'll be really different going back this time.  My old bedroom has recently been converted into the new TV room.  The guest bedrooms are now downstairs.  There's a new deck.  I've heard my Mom recovered the basement couches.  Yep, home will be different.  But, in a way, I can still count on it being the same. 

So, happy weekend, all.  I'll be passing my time on the airplane scheming of a way to convince Blake to come with me to this next summer.  Seeing as it's in the south (have I ever told you of Blake's distate for all things southern?) and it involves shopping, there may not be a chance in Hell that he'll agree to it...but, four states of yard-sale?  That's my kind of activity.

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  1. If you do go to that 4 state yard sale, will you please also go to the Flea Mall and Convention Center? That sounds so funny! It could be a little itchy...