Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had a pretty laid-back weekend. Well, actually...

Blake wasn't feeling well, so we tried to do a lot of relaxing. Tried, being the operative word (and the misspelled TIRED being the operative's result). We're moving on Friday and Saturday, so we're frantically trying to get everything in order by closing on Friday. AND, it also happens to be the week where Blake has his interview for the Maryland bar...busy week.

On Halloween we:

a. Bought the perfect refrigerator for 60% off.
b. Bought a new dishwasher for 24% off.
c. Had to do a and b that day because we need them delivered on the day/ day after we move in and don't have any other time to go to the store. Fun thing to do when you're sick, eh Blake? Sears is nearly as comfortable as being at home in bed, right?
d. Had a free 3-course meal at Chili's.
d. Had to skip a fun party because we were so exhausted and dizzy from our friendly neighborhood Sears.
e. Rented and watched Wait Until Dark (a new experience for Blake and a favorite of mine).
f. Were the creepers that drove around looking at trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood (they were just so cute!)
g. Scavenged the last two bags of 50% off fun-sized candy at Safeway.
h. Switched our clocks and enjoyed an extra hour of sleep (making our 9:00 church the next day not quite so painful).

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