Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Probably Need That

Yesterday when I came home from work I hid something under Blake's side of the covers when I was making the bed (I made the bed at 6:00 p.m. yesterday, so sue me).

I couldn't resist. It was gift from the mail man. Left right there in our red post box. A mail-order magazine featuring my new favorite fashion faux pas: a Snuggie. Multiple Snuggies. In multiple colors and patterns.

When we both wanted to fall into bed exhausted, Blake pulled back the covers and....had no idea what it was...until he looked closer (he didn't have contact in at this point)...and then we both started laughing -- he when he realized what he was looking at, and me at his look of recognition.

Did you know that you can also buy Snuggies for your dogs? The come in x-small (think Chihuahua) or small (think cocker spaniel).

For pure enjoyment's sake (and because I wasn't quite ready to fall asleep) I flipped through the pages of the catalogue. Occasionally thinking to myself "hmm, that set of Christmas candles is actually pretty cool" and (much to Blake's amusement) accidentally thinking out loud about a toe separator/bunion pain reliever "I probably need that."

That's the last time I ever think aloud while reading a mail-order-catalogue in bed next to Blake.

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