Friday, December 18, 2009

A Pre-Christmas Thursday

Yesterday was a good Thursday.

Blake got sworn into the Maryland bar.  For those of you out there that would like to watch a line of santa-looking judges (the chief judge's words --not mine) talk about their law careers and then ask a group of uncomfortable looking young attorneys to raise their arms to the square and repeat some official mumbo-jumbo, you can check it out here:

Actually, it was a great morning (santa's helpers aside).  Everything went smootly.  We made it to Annapolis in plenty of time, got to hang out for a while, and then I got to watch as Blake became an attorney.  He's got an official certificate and a load of less-than-halfway-decent photos (taken by me) to prove it.  Well done, my Blake.

After a quick lunch at Panera Bread, we headed back to our respective offices: me to an H1N1 shot and class scheduling, and Blake to an office party, meetings, and a white elephant.

I survived my vaccination this time (I asked for the nasal spray instead of the shot) and am feeling dandy.  The cafeteria sent out a notice that all ice cream products were $.99, so I ran down and purchased Haagen Das bars for my office.  You know I can't resist a $.99 ice cream special.  You wouldn't either...believe me.

We also made the quick 10-minute trek to Tom's house, where we made graham cracker cookie house.  Actually, ours was more like a flat-roofed, utah-shaped, crack house, but Tom and Jenny's looked like a decent christmas-y place.  Paul and Katie...well...I'm not exactly sure how theirs turned out, but at various points it was a great-looking apartment building/bungalo/teepee.

I guess we can't fault Tom, though.  He is an architect, after all.

Some picture updates:

Blake taking the oath.

My Blake in front of the Maryland Court of Appeals.

Us in the Maryland Court of Appeals.

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  1. Santa-looking judges sounds so much more official /fun than my swearing in anti-ceremony. I flew to Denver ($120), took public transportation from the airport to downtown ($10), walked in the Colorado Bar office, and handed the receptionist my paperwork, whereupon the receptionist asked me to stand, raise my right hand, and repeat the oath.

    Twenty seconds after that I took public transportation back to the airport ($10), bought a sandwich ($8), and waited eight hours for my flight to leave (I couldn't change my ticket to an earlier flight without paying $180—money I just don't have).

    Several days later, I spoke on the phone with my Colorado Bar contact person to coordinate a CLE. I related being frustrated that I had to come all the way to Colorado to have a receptionist administer an oath (nothing against receptionists; I'm against spending money for pointless things that could otherwise be done via affidavit). She informed me that, contrary to what she had told me the week prior, I could have, in fact, sworn in by affidavit and saved myself the expense of traveling to Denver.

    Thanks for nothing, Colorado Bar.

    Venting completed.