Friday, March 28, 2014

Bear's Posse

Bear is the most social dog I've ever met.  He loves people (especially kids) and adores his neighborhood dog friends.

The unspoken rule in our neighborhood is that if no one is using the courts to play tennis, the dogs get free reign.  We make daily trips to the courts for Bear to run out his wiggles.  He loves it best when there are other dogs there to play with.  Bear is a submissive little guy, so he gets along with even the most grumpy dogs in the 'hood.  He's developed quite the posse.

First things first.  When we get to the courts Bear does a preliminary perimeter search.  He then finds the tastiest stick of those left behind by other dogs, and runs around with it trying to get me to chase him.  He lives for keep-away.

If I see another dog coming, I'll say "Bear, where are you friends?" and he'll stop whatever he's doing to run to the gate, tail wagging with anticipation.  Once the other dogs are in the court it's a free-for-all.  Running, air wrestling, face licking.  It's all fair game and a big ol' ball of fluff.

Two of Bear's favorite pals are Ruby and Pepper.  Ruby is a golden retriever mix and Pepper is a terrier-corgi-something else mix.  Bear plays with them a couple times a week.  It's great for me because it tires the little guy out.  Thank goodness. A tired puppy is a happy puppy...and a happier owner.

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