Thursday, March 20, 2014

A sheepadoodle is the best home accessory

There's just something about the spring that makes me want to rearrange.  Maybe it's because it allows me to deep clean behind all the furniture.  Maybe it's because I have design ADD and love to change things up a lot.  Or maybe it's because re-arranging is a free make-over because I'm shopping the house instead of shopping at a store.  Pick any of those reasons.

Blake has been so patient with my ideas and requests for furniture moves.  We've lugged all sorts of things up and down our narrow, steep stairs in the past few weeks, but the rooms are really coming together.

I've wanted a navy blue velvet couch for ages.  We bought one last year for the basement, but once it was down there we realized we'd rather have it up in the living room.  Don't worry. It's only taken us a year to get it moved up to the main floor.  We actually had to hire some guys to do it for us because it had to be hoisted up our outside back stairs since our inside stairs are too narrow.

Even with two guys lifting and me directing, it was sort of a circus. Our house was built in 1951, so the doorways and hallways are small, and the staircases are super steep and narrow.  This does make for an easy furniture move.  I'd explained this all to the guys when I set up the appointment, but I think even they were surprised when they saw what they'd actually be dealing with.

Moving two couches took almost an hour if you can believe it!  We moved the brown leather couch downstairs and the blue velvet upstairs.  And we only mildly scraped the paint off the back wall.  I count that as a win.

When I handed the guy the agreed-up cash, he started to ask me for more, but then thought better of it.  I think he just wanted to escape while he was still standing.  Maybe he could sense that I was just about to ask him to move a few more things for me while he was at it.  Smart man.

We used some of our Christmas money to buy a new chair and moved the over-stuffed chair downstairs for comfy TV-watching purposes.  The new leather chair takes up less space, and I like that it gives us more of a walking berth between the entry and the living room.  Plus, it's comfy.  Comfy and esthetically pleasing.  You can't beat that.

I wasn't kidding when I said furniture was traveling all over our house.  We moved our garbage-found steamer trunk down here and moved our darker trunk up to the bedroom nook. I feel like steamer trunk really lightens up the space.

And now that I've droned on for two thousand words, here are some pictures to get me to keep quiet.

After all that moving and re-arranging, Bear remains the best accessory of the room.

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