Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mega desk

Blake and I have been coming up with office schemes for the past four years.  The old set-up was fine, but the bulky IKEA desk we had jutted out into the room and made it feel smaller and more broken up.  In our post-Christmas enthusiasm, we decided to finally take the plunge and make the changes we'd been dreaming of.

First, we moved one of the built-in shelving units to under the opposite window to give us a longer, uninterrupted space for a desk.  Then I painstakingly painted the room a soft grey color.  I say painstakingly because there was an incredible amount of trim work in this room with all the built-ins. Thank goodness for audio books and Pandora radio or I might just have gone insane somewhere during the second coat.

I coveted the Pottery Barn Bedford file cabinets for years, but when it came down to it, I couldn't justify spending almost $700 just on file cabinets.   After a long, but fruitful google search, I found a great alternative at Home Decorator Collection.  With a coupon code and free shipping, they were less than a third of the cost and were shipped to our house in three days.  That said, I think you get what you pay for.  Don't get me wrong, the quality of the file cabinets is great, but they took ages to put together and nearly ended my marriage.  (I'm kidding...mostly...)

We didn't like the hardware that came with the cabinets (I thought they looked a tad small and wimpy), so we bought some cheap Martha Stewart pulls at Home Depot.  Adding these suckers turned out to be more of a pain than we'd planned.  We had to drill new holes and it was nearly impossible to get them centered correctly.  What I mean is: don't look too closely.

The desktop is made from reclaimed wood by a local company called The Great British Pine Mine, which is one of my favorite destinations on Antiques Row in Kensington.  It's a custom 10-foot long table top and I've got to say I'm absolutely in love with it.  Now we have space for two work stations and the room feels so much larger.

Next up is hanging the roman shades and building some more shelving in the closet for extra storage. But for now I'll just bask in the glory of a slightly more organized work space.


  1. Building our megadesk was almost the best home decorating decision we've ever made. It might even take the number 1 spot. I love how yours turned out! And I just saw Antiques Row for the first time while I was hunting for the post office the last time we were down by the Temple! It's on our to-see list the next time we make a trip down!

    1. Next time you come down, let's go to Antiques Row together. I'll show you all the best places :)