Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great Falls

A couple weeks ago my Dad was in town for meetings.  His meetings were supposed to last all weekend, but they finished a day and a half early.  We took advantage or his extra time and the great weather by heading out to Great Falls.

My Dad has been to DC so many times that it's hard to find something he hasn't done.  He'd never been to see the falls, so that was first on our list.  It was 67 degrees that day, which means that DC folks get the heck outdoors to enjoy it while it lasts.  The canal and the falls were packed with tourists and locals soaking up the sunshine.

Bear was his usual celebrity self and stopped to kiss and snuggle people every ten feet or so.  Such an attention-seeker than pup is!  We can't take him anywhere...

After our hike (read: walk) we drove through Georgetown and up to Surf Side for their delicious fish tacos and fresh guar.  We ate in the parking lot so that Bear could be with us.  It earned us some odd looks, but it was worth it to keep the little guy with us.


  1. The little bear is getting so lanky! Well, perhaps not quite lanky, but, he is no pudgy little puppy, anymore. - Mariko

    1. He is getting to be quite the beefed! It's hard to pick him up.