Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brady and the Bear

We were talking with some friends the other night about how funny it would be to have a blog written from the perspective of a dog about his humans.  I post so much about Bear, but what if he were posting about me and Blake?  The pictures would be hysterical.

"Here we have my human in his natural habitat - with a pizza sitting in front of the TV."

"Oh, look at those cute humans asleep with their mouths open. Lemme go put something in there."

"She's even cute when she's using the bathroom!"

I think I've found my next great idea.


Blake's brother and sister-in-law are out of town with their kids for Spring Break, so Brady gets to hang out with us for 10 days.  He and Bear have been having a grand ol' time together. They play hard and then crash.  It's a good system for keeping them busy and it makes my life pretty easy.

For the most part the spring weather has been great.  I've been leaving the back door open so they can come and go as they please.  I've also kept the sofa covered in a sheet so that I don't have to worry about dirt and leaves making their way onto it.  It looks fairly dumpy, but it saves me a lot of trouble. Dumpy is what comes with having two dogs in the house, I figure.

I don't know how people with two dogs keep their homes clean. Don't even get me started on the mud when it's raining.  Trying to dry off both of these hellions is quite the process...I've already gone through a stack of towels just today!

Thank goodness they tire each other out.  More sleep, less mud please.

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