Friday, September 28, 2012

Trash to Treasure

My neighbors have the greatest trash. 

I should clarify: my neighborhood has a very active listserv.  People often post that they're getting rid of one thing or another and that it's available for pick-up on their curb. 

It turns out that this is just the sort of thing that appeals to my cheapskate, Mormon heart.  And I've really lucked out picking stuff up from my neighbors "trash piles" in this way. 

I've scored a chair, a 50's style rolling desk chair, a library lamp, a vintage steamer trunk, an x-box (complete with 5 controllers, a headset and 25 games), a console table and a few other things.

But, my favorite "rescue item" is probably the American Girl doll brass bedstead that I snagged while on a walk a couple weeks ago.  I saw it and knew my niece, Ella, would just love it to use with her American Girl doll. 

The bedstead was in perfect condition- just a little dusty, so I came home and quickly cleaned it up.  Then I used things I had around the house to make a mattress, a quilt and a couple pillows.  I love the mint green and pink with the brass.  So much, in fact, that I am almost tempted to keep this for myself.  Not that I have ever had a doll (I had Ninja Turtle action figures instead) or a kid with a doll, but it's just so cute! 

To recap:
Brass bedstead - free
Quilt, mattress and pillows - free
Time spent - about a half hour
Total: Free-ninety-nine

I can't wait to give this to little Ella.  She'll like it, don't you think?


  1. That's amazing. I DID have a million dolls and I still go in the American Girl store when I'm in Chicago or New York--it's tradition;) So my point is, I want it. Ella is a lucky girl to have you for an aunt!

  2. So cute. The fact that you have an x box head set really makes me laugh.

  3. @Abby - Thanks!
    @Meg - I doubt we'll ever use it...but hey, it was free!

  4. How fabulous! What a lucky niece of yours. I totally had this brass bed set for's a good one.

    (Like an earlier commenter, I too love the American Girl fact I made Alex stop by the LA store with me when we were on our honeymoon. I'm sure that was really sexy.)