Friday, September 14, 2012

A blog about nothing

Today's street-preacher snippet (mind you this was being yelled into a cell phone - because apparently he preaches remotely, too):

"...and men were made by God to be warriors.  And you aren't born a warrior.  You have to go on a quest to be a spiritual warrior. I only recently became a warrior as I was previously possessed by devils..."


On Tuesday night Blake and I were watching TV in our family room with all the windows open because the weather was incredible and we wanted to dispel the fumes from refinishing our kitchen counter tops.  We noticed that it started to smell like smoke. This didn't bother us. In fact, it kind of made me jealous because I thought someone was having a BBQ and that sounded nice. 

Then we started hearing multiple fire engines and ambulances.  Then we felt the floor rumbling faintly and finally roused ourselves from the couch to look out the windows.  The engines were parked just a couple houses down from us! 

Blake and I ran outside and walked up the street to investigate.  It was only when we were standing in front of the fire engines and the evacuees that we realized that we still had our bowls of ice cream in hand.  And I continued to eat mine in the soft glow of the fire engine lights - I couldn't just let it melt!  So, yes, we are those people: the ones who bring treats to a tragedy.

Finally - because this has been a post about absolutely nothing - I give you Cookies About Nothing
Enjoy.  And have a happy weekend!


  1. I know I don't say it nearly enough, but I love your blog so so much. And I'm planning a trip to dc soon and will need to see your face.

    Ice cream to watch the fire. Classic!

  2. @Cindy - You're the best! Let's definitely hang out when you're in DC! I need more Cindy in my life!

  3. I should never have looked at that cookie website!