Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Labor Day - Belatedly

We kept our Labor Day weekend low-key and close to home with a day trip up to Baltimore and lots of lounging and movie-watching around home.  It was perfect.  Blake and I have both been crazy busy at work (Blake more so than I) and we loved having time to hang out with friends, relax, and not think about work for a couple of days.

Some friends joined with us on our day trip and we had a grand time despite the heat.  It was humid, muggy, and probably about a million degrees, but we kept our morale up by popping into stores like It's Sugar and the Fudge Factory.  It's impossible not to be smiling when you're listening to a bunch of guys sing a capella about fudge making.  As a side note: I learned that I'll do just about anything for a free sample - listen to an a capella musical about fudge? no problem. be made to sing and dance to the songs - I can do that too as long as there's fudge in my immediate future.

We got crab cakes, explored the shops at Fells Point and stumbled up the reason for all that traffic we'd encountered in the inner harbor: the Grand Prix.  We were especially confused as to why folks would buy tickets to sit in the hot grandstands when they could get a perfectly good view through the fence from the shade.  Sometimes it pays to be cheap.

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