Monday, September 10, 2012

Puppy Love

On our way to Home Depot on Saturday, Blake and I got an email about a dog adoption day at the local pound.  Although we weren't successful at finding any non-pit bulls at the pound, we did pass a puppy store afterwards and excitedly pulled over to spend the next hour playing with the puppies.

We were particularly taken with the three-month-old golden doodle.  All the other dogs were yipping and chasing each other around while he was asleep in his bed.  We asked if we could play with him in one of the "puppy play rooms" (yes, there truly is such a marvelous thing as a puppy play room!) and he was the sweetest thing.  He just wanted to put his head on our laps and be snuggled.  He was quiet and so docile. 

It absolutely broke our hearts to leave without him, but because he was only an F1 doodle, he was more golden retriever than poodle, and was shedding like crazy.  That's a no go for a girl with allergies like mine.  It was worth an afternoon of sneezing to play with him for an hour, but it wouldn't have worked out in the long run. 

After talking about getting a dog for the past four years, we're finally getting close to pulling the trigger.  There's just no reason why we shouldn't be living each day greeted by a face as cute as this one:

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