Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Gatekeeper

Blake and I brought back a sinus infection (for Blake) and the stomach flu (for me) from our Thanksgiving vacation.  Our suitcases remain unpacked, we're still slowly recovering and we're missing our family, friends and the fun time we had in Utah. 

Later this week I'll get to the wonderful food and the 23 people we had at Thanksgiving dinner, but until I've transferred all the photos onto the computer and found a few minutes to write, I'll leave you with this photo of my family's cuddle-worthy dog, Noosa.

Noosa is 9 years old, arthritic and getting grey, but she still vigilantly guards the door any time she sees suitcases.  I love that dog. Hope to see you again soon, Noosa.


  1. Oh no!! I hope you both start feeling better soon! Are you guys both staying home and taking it easy? Im bummed I had a flu shot and everything and still got sick : ( Oh the joys of holiday travel.

  2. great , I like your blog:)