Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm probably the only one who thinks this is funny:

Lately I haven't been able to get enough Linguist Llama.  For all you other linguists out there, check it out.  You won't regret it.  For all you non-linguists, well, you probably won't like it and may regret it.  Who knows, it may even cause you to question my sense of humor and re-think our friendship.  Then I'll regret it, too.

You may have noticed that I tend to verb nouns, noun verbs and create all sorts of hybrid/non-existent words in between.  I've said it before: I'm a linguist and I do what I want. 

If you're like some of my non-linguist professors (what's with subtracting points for a nouned verb now and then?!) and you don't believe me, here's Linguist Llama to add his (her? its?) stamp of approval:

You can't argue with that face.


  1. love it. except when my students do it. ha.

  2. I love reading your blog. As a fellow linguist, I appreciate this picture so much. However; my husband is better versed in English grammar than I am, and dismisses me whenever I use that excuse. Boo.

  3. @annie, seriously, I'm sure it's annoying. And probably more annoying when they try to argue their way into more points :) I apologize on behalf of your students who, like me, have no grasp on American grammar...haha.

    @whitney, I didn't know you graduated in Linguistics, too! Small world! My husband is also very well versed in grammar...the endless struggles between Linguistics and English majors...