Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NYC Hallow-eat'n

 Last Saturday we took a quick over-night trip up to NYC with Whitney & Rob and Logan & Janelle to see the sights, and more importantly, eat the eats.  Our whole trip, after all, was planned around food.

Early Saturday morning we piled into the family-sized SUV (generously lent to us by Whitney's parents) with a big bag of Trader Joes' treats and high spirits.  After making a quick stop at Chez Mac for some hash browns and egg mcmuffins we were on our way.

We may have made a wrong turn that took us trough Philadelphia and we may have gotten caught in a full-blown blizzard, but we adventurers were not discouraged. 

Our first stop was Grimaldi's in Brooklyn for the perfect slice.  I'd never been to Brooklyn before and was excited to spend some time under the snow-covered Brooklyn bridge.  The best part? The horrible weather was fabulously timed: no line at Grimaldi's! 

We gobbled a large pepperoni and a large garlic-and-basil and rolled off to SoHo to shop.  The miserable weather turned New York into a ghost town.  Well, as much of a ghost town as I've ever seen it.  Everyone was safely staying indoors.  After soaking our clothes freezing our hides off for an hour or so we decided to call it quits and go check into the hotel. 

Janelle snagged us a wonderful deal on a nice hotel in Midtown. It was perfectly located, very clean, roomy, and...freezing cold!  The heat was broken for the entire hotel!  I would have never thought that possible for a nice hotel...but alas.  Blake came to our rescue by finagling free hot coco, extra blankets, and a $200 credit to the hotel's restaurant - free of charge to compensate for the frigid temperatures in our rooms.  So that night we merrily drank our free hot chocolate and then dined like kings at the buffet the next morning.  (Thanks, Blake!)

We spent more time drying off and thawing out after a delicious Mexican dinner at Dos Cominos and then went to sleep fraught with anticipation for the next day, which promised to bring with it more sunshine and less/no snow. 

Sunday was chilly, but with clear and sunny skies.  We shopped and photographed around the city for several hours before heading to the Brooklyn Flea (a longtime dream of mine) where we, you guessed it, shopped some more. 

All this shopping was followed by more eating.  Specifically, lunch at Dumont Burger (after unsuccessfully trying to get into Pies n' time!) and then a quick stop at Dewey's before wistfully heading back to DC.

It was a grand (fattening) weekend.  Here's photographic proof:
 Above: 1. The Adventurers brave the blizzard.  2. A view of the NJ turnpike in the blizzard.  3.A clear, sunny view of the NY skyline on our way to the Brooklyn Flea.

Above: 1. The perfect chocolate bar at Dewey's.  I couldn't agree more.  2. Chocolate by the Bald man in Bryant Park.  3. The perfect slice at Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge.  4,  The Adventurers at Dumont Burger in Williamsburg.


  1. Looks like a fun trip! You're pizza looks so yummy, we love Grimaldi's!

  2. Mmm...sounds like a delicious trip. I'm glad we aren't the only ones who plan our trips around the meals we will eat :). Next time you have got to try Vanessa's Dumpling house in China Town. Best cheap food.

  3. Thanks, Julia! That sounds great. I'll keep it on the list for next time for sure!