Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometime between my Sunday night CVS run and my Monday evening Giant run, our card was burgled. 

I say "burgled" rather than "burglarized" because it sounds more leisurely, and it appears that our perpetrator took a leisurely approach to his theft.

He (well, let's not discriminate, it could just as well have been a she-burglar) jimmied the door open, sat down in the passenger seat, and proceeded to go through all of the possible hiding spots: the glove box, the center console, and the front console.  He took our beloved Garmin (affectionately know as "Garmie") and all of our spare change. 

He/she did not, however, take any of our CDs.  Instead of swiping the whole CD case and looking through it in the safety of his/her own home, our burglar sat in the front seat, opened the CD case, and went through all of the CDs individually.  It would appear that we have terrible taste in music because not a single one was gone when we looked through them last night.

Punk kid.  Wouldn't know good music if it punched him/her in the face.

After carefully removing every last penny of the approximately $1.71 we had stashed in the center coin organizer, he/she ended his/her burgle, kindly re-locked the car, and left.

When we called the police to make our report, the officer told us to file an online report and asked "well, do you know who it was?".  Um, no sir, that's where you come in.  Seriously?  What exactly are my taxes paying for ...

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