Monday, May 23, 2011

At Sea Again: Day 6

Dinner on board every night was quite the affair.  Because we were a party of 16, we lucked out with our dinner table locale.  We had a huge table at the back of the boat with a panoramic view.  We had three waiters and three courses every night.  If it weren't for the sea sickness I would have gained some serious poundage.

Here we all are pulling out of Dubrovnik (not really day six...whoops).

You'll notice that my plate looks empty while everyone elses' plates are still full.  Blake and I laughed at this while we were scanning through our photos and chalked it up to my family specialty: eating fast.  (A friend from my paralegal days once looked up at me after she'd taken her second bite and saw that I'd finished my whole sandwich.  "Did you even chew?!" she gawked.  Yes, yes did.  Barely.)  What can I say? I am my father's daughter.

Anyhow, just to clear this all up, I'll have you know that I did not -in fact- clear my plate before the others even started.  I blew the picture up really large to turns out that I had an alfredo pasta which was essentially as white as the plate, making it appear that I'd licked the dish clean.  You'd think I'd have remembered this as the cruise was not very long ago, but as I'd mentioned before, the sickness I had caused a temporary paralysis of my memory (read: entire brain) and I remember a very limited number of details.

Here we are on the real day 6 after our "formal night" dinner. Neither of us went very formal. I even opted out of wearing any make-up (ok, so that was more of a sickness-induced accidental forgetfulness than an opt-out, but there you have it). 

In my sickness-induced stupor, one of my favorite things was to sit on our balcony and watch the sea go by.  The Adriatic (and later the Mediterranean) is so beautiful.

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