Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just some photos from the lake

Just a couple of photos and a video (courtesy of Blake) from our vacation to Winnipesaukee.  I like to think that one of the reasons that Blake has such an attachment to the lake is because lake is part of his name.  Just a thought...

Here is his in his element: Captain Blake at the Lake.

And here we are, posing for our yearly "front of the boat at sunset" picture.  You can tell we've been eating a lot of sweets since 2008.  Also, please don't judge.  The first trip in 2008 I still wore make-up at the lake because I was still trying to impress Blake.  Now that he's manacled to me through marriage, I have completely forgone all make-up at the lake.

And here's a little public service announcement from Captain Blake.


  1. Because it's part of his name? Are you saying Blake's a weenie?

  2. Oh wait. I get it. "Lake" is part of his name.

    Mine's funnier though. I was thinking the lake's name was pronounced "Weeniepesaukee."