Saturday, June 26, 2010

You know, the people to people people

It was over 90 degrees the weekend that my parents were here.  My Dad was in town to swear in JRCLS attorneys to the Supreme Court Bar and my Mom came with him.  Here we are after our tour of the Capitol....sitting on the grass by the Museum of Art and eating our frozen lemonades (believe me, we needed them).

This is my favorite picture of the weekend.  Why?  Well, about thirty seconds before this was taken, we were absolutely the only people for about two blocks.  We sat down in the only shade that we could find, and fifteen seconds later we heard kids chattering.  Coming around the corner were hundreds of kids in matching, color-coordinating shirts.  And they all wanted the shade, too.  So, within less than a minute, we were surrounded by all of these kids who were sweaty, complaining, and running amok (their leaders were too hot to care).  They weren't too shy about sitting right up close to us to take advantage of the 8 square feet of shade.

Well, you probably know how much Blake and my Dad love I just had to take a picture to capture the beauty of the moment.

P.S.  Don't you love how the kid next to Blake has created a "shade tent" for his gameboy by putting it under his hat with him?  Ingenious.

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