Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ladies' Paradise

Everyone knows that cinnamon Altoids are the best. It's a little-contested fact.

It's also a little-contested fact that I am often tempted, tantalized, and convinced into a purchase because of a flashy and well-placed "new!" or "new and improved!"

And that's how I ended up buying a box of "NEW" Cool Honey Altoids at CVS last week.



  1. Haha, sounds more like Ladies Prison. Just kidding.

    I'd take cinnamon over cool honey any day. Oh, but the enticement of the "new" is just so gripping sometimes, isn't it.

    Your title caught my eye because Todd really wants to name our mud volleyball team Ladies Prison. What sounds more frightening than that? Not much, I say.

  2. oh Ladies' Paradise...reminds me of Paris.

    and i would sadly contest the cinnamon altoids. i guess i'm one of the few.

  3. Well played, Becky. I was wondering if anyone would catch the reference... :)

    Glad to meet someone who does not like Cinnamon Altoids...I didn't think there were any of you left :)