Monday, June 21, 2010

I no dust Buster anymore

I usually wear slippers or flip flops in the house at all times.

But for some reason I forgot this past weekend.

The crunch crunch crunch against the wood floors was much less pleasant than I'd have liked.  I guess vacuuming the whole house with a battery-operated dust buster just isn't cutting in anymore.  That's a sorry mental picture isn't it: me crouching down around the house vacuuming all three floors with a hand-held.  Believe me, when I catch my neighbors looking through the window (which the often do...we live in a neighborhood of well-intentioned busy-bodies), I've also caught their confused and disapproving looks.

I'm guilting my self all the way over to Sears tonight to buy a proper vacuum.

I'll be $200.00 poorer, but at least my floors will be clean.


  1. I'm not lying, Saturday I though to myself "I wish I had a dust buster."

  2. hahahahhaha your blog title is the best thing ever! i died laughing.

    and i'm proud of you for your grown up purchases. i mean, a house is one thing. but a vacuum? WOW.

  3. this title is from one of my favorite moments on Arrested Development