Friday, June 4, 2010

New Hamptons

Back in my single days, I would (along with our friends) ascribe Yachting to be Blake's favorite sport. You know, because that's what people do in "New Hamptons." (It was funny at the time, I promise).

Well, we may not have done much (ok, any) yachting over Memorial Day, but we did lose spectacularly in Bocci Ball to Blake's parents (um, three times...we lost to them three times in a row). The picture below, however, commemorates my best shot (I'm the green ball...don't worry, the other green ball is about three inches from falling in the lake, which was where my shots tended to land...the one pictured was all luck.)

Well done, Me.

We also spent a lot of time in town at the Yum Yum Shop (the town bakery) and Bailey's Bubble (the best ice cream joint in town). Honestly, where else would you expect to find me?

Here we are at the town docks. You'll notice that the sky is very grey and smokey. That's because of several large forest fires in, combined with the massive amounts of pollen in the air, it was a really great weekend for allergies.

You can't see it now, but about three hours later I ended up with a really groovy farmers burn from this shirt (which, by the way, has an awkward sleeve length for farmers burns because none of my other short sleeve shirts will cover it...). I was reading Emma for the first time and I got really into it, ok? I didn't notice that my flesh was starting to sizzle until Blake kindly informed me that I was turning as bright red/orange as my belt. Lovely.

Maybe the sun helped burn off all that ice cream?

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  1. But sometimes a bright red/orange glow is just so hot! :) You two are a darn cool couple. I do like your top.