Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Paw-blo Picasso

It's been a pretty mild summer so far.  May was great weather-wise.  We only have a few big rain storms and a couple days over 85.  Mostly it was high 70's and glorious blue skies.

We spent the weekend outside.  Blake had to work, but he worked from home.  More specifically, he worked from the patio.

I puttered around the yard as my energy came and went, and also curled up on the bench under the lilacs with my kindle and a selection of John Green books.

It was a great weekend.

Bear, of course, spent his time patrolling the yard, checking on the neighbors, and digging up previously-burried treats.  There's nothing quite so appealing as when he digs up a gooey bully stick, brings it proudly to you and sets it on your bare foot.  Yummm-o.

All that work in the 80 degree sunshine tired him out, and he napped the rest of the afternoon like it was his job.  But, not before he created a mud masterpiece on the back door.  Thanks, Bear.

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