Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lou Boo Designs

The lovely and talented Meg Walter and I just opened a joint Etsy shop - Lou Boo Designs.  Meg is making darling sundresses and tunics for toddlers, and I'm making notecards and crocheting baby blankets.

Truthfully, could we really call ourselves Mormon women if we didn't operate an Etsy shop?  I think not.  At least, not good Mormon women anyway.  Ha.

One of the nice (i.e. not nice) things about IVF is that you feel pretty crummy a lot of the time.  The medicines I'm on right now are giving me the fun experience of dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and my personal favorite: hot flashes.  If I needed another reason to avoid getting old, I now know how much I'd like to avoid menopause.

But there is an upside to all of this.  While I'm riding the waves of the non-existent deep sea fishing expedition that I feel like I'm on, I've got a great excuse to get lots and lots of crocheting done.  I've made two baby blankets in the last 48 hours.  That's definitely a personal record (and no blisters!).

The only issue I'm running into with these recent projects is that Blake loves each of them and wants to keep them for our (non-existent) someday baby.  An imaginary baby only needs so many non-imaginary baby blankets.  So, off to the shop they go, methinks.  After I take some non-iPhone and sans-Bear pictures, that is.

So if you're feeling so inclined, check us out on Instagram @LouBooDesigns or Etsy at Lou Bou Designs.

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