Friday, March 1, 2013

With some fava beans...

On Sunday I crocheted while golf and the Oscars' pre-show alternated in the background. 

I've got to say that the pre-show was slightly terrifying to listen to.  An overly-perky Kristin Chenoweth asked on repeat, "Who are you wearing?" in her blond, squeaky voice (yes, her voice actually sounds blond). 

Who else is disturbed by this question?  It's entirely too Silence of the Lambs for me.  Why can't they add it in the extra word and ask "Who designed your dress?"  Wait, that's not even an extra word; not even an extra syllable...this all makes no sense to me.

Surprisingly, the fashion commentary was even worse than the golf commentary.  How did that happen?

And why is everyone imitating "the leg?"  You know, Angelina Jolie's infamous dress of high-slitted lore?

On an unrelated note: yesterday Blake and I celebrated four years of marriage with pie for breakfast, dinner and dessert.  There's no better way to show your love for each other than eating until you've got a stomachache, right?

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