Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Excuses. I've got them, believe me.  Work, church, catching a cold, more work.  Did I mention more work?

But enough of that. 

Life is good.  I survived the daylight savings transition and am now happily enjoying the extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day.  It makes me feel more productive in the evenings, which is good because I've been getting home later and need all of the productive-ness I can get when I'm home.

Blake's been getting home even later, so it feels good to keep busy while he's not home. 

We're both working towards our looming deadlines (his: April 2, Mine: April 10) and wondering if we're actually going to make it.  Some days it seems like those dates are coming too soon, but others it seems like they're never going to arrive.  Deadlines are a nasty tease.

At long last we got our oven.  It's got an induction cook-top, and I'm enjoying the learning curve that comes with a new range.  Basically, I'm just glad we've re-joined the 21st century (or even the 19th century for that matter...) and can enjoy the boxed-pasta delicacies that are a product of my deadline-induced stress. 

I love being an adult.

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