Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The strangest phone conversation I've ever had.

Last week when the waterproofing team drilled out our basement and installed a sump pump, they also lugged out our old cement utility sink and replaced it with a newer, lighter, cleaner fiberglass version. 

It's a nice upgrade from its cracked and graffitied predecessor.  However, Mike the technician was missing a part, so we set a day for him to come back and finish installing it.  That day was yesterday.

Normally I wouldn't care about not having access to our utility sink, but our washing machine drains into the sink, so we've been without a washing machine for a week and are running out of clean laundry.

I called Mike yesterday to confirm our appointment.  He didn't answer, so I left a message.

He called me back yesterday afternoon.  The below is an (as far as I can remember) exact account of our conversation:

Me:  Hi Mike.  Thanks for calling me back.

Mike:  Hi Rachel, I've got some bad news.

Me : (Thinking he's going to say he is too busy and can't make it out that night) Oh?

Mike:  I just walked in the door and found my Mom dead on the floor.

Me:  What?  Oh my gosh! That's horrible.  I'm so sorry!

Mike:  Yeah.  I mean, I haven't called anyone yet.  My kids are freaking out. 

(Kids crying and dogs barking in background)

Me:  Mike, I'm so sorry!  Please just take care of what you need to take care of.  Call the ambulance. 

Mike:  Yeah, I mean, I need to clean it all up.  It looks like she had a heart attack, but I'm really not sure.  My kids are just freaking out right now.  I just brought her up from Oklahoma to live with me.  My kids don't know what to do...

Me: I'm so sorry.  This is just horrible.  I'm so sorry.

Mike:  I noticed that your husband has some tools.  If he has tools, you can just hack the pipe off yourself and install a new pipe.  It's not that hard.

Me:  Don't worry about that, Mike.  We'll figure something out with your company.  Don't even worry about that right now.  Just take care of what you need to take care of.

Mike:  Yeah, I mean, my kids are freaking out, you know?  My mom is just lying there dead on the floor.  I don't know what happened.  I haven't called anyone yet.  She's just here and she's dead...

Me: I'm so so sorry, Mike!  Please don't worry at all about your appointment.  Just take care of your kids and take care of what you need to take care of.

Mike:  Ok.  Ok.  I'm sure you can do the installation yourself.  We'll talk later.

I think he must have been in shock and I must have been the first person to pop up in his recently called/call back list.  I felt so horrible for him.  What an awful thing to have happen...especially with his kids there!

I've never had a stranger phone call in all my life.


  1. What?? This is cra-zy!! Bless Mike...and his mother's heart. You can come over and use our washer and dryer any time!

  2. wow, that is so crazy. it definitely sounds like shock to me. poor guy.