Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Having some fun Valentimes

Last night Blake and I treated ourselves to our annual Valentine's Day dinner at Fajita Coast.  It's our go-to place (I hate to think of the thousands of dollars we've probably spent there over the past few years...) and we're never disappointed.  It's a perfect place to go on a night when all restaurants are packed-to-the-brim.  We know the staff there really well and they always get us a table quickly.

I am not the biggest Valentine's Day fan, but nothing beats a weekday evening where we don't have to cook or clean up.  (Sigh).  It's so luxurious.

After successfully convincing Blake not to buy me an (extremely overpriced) bouquet, he surprised me with the best flowers of all:

Now I have poppies that I can enjoy every day.  Thanks, Blake-o!


  1. Solid work Blake. I love that phone case!

  2. So pretty! That's the way to get Valentine's flowers.