Friday, September 30, 2011

Lockdown: the Georgetown Sequel

Back in April of the windowless era of Hogan & Hartson I wrote about my woes of the possibility of missing my lunch or dinner plans due to a bomb threat.

Fast forward three + years to an exterior office with windows.  And here I am  in the new-and-improved era of Georgetown Law sitting at my desk grateful for the fact today's lockdown didn't disturb my lunch plans (Friday is Craft Circle, which is very important you know). 

I got the pre-recorded phone message in the middle of a knitted stitch, looked around to see that everyone else was looking at their various electronic devices and comparing notes, thought, "hmm, a man on campus with a rifle, hmm, maybe I should get away from the windows....these booties are cute," and then went back to knitting and eating my cheesy baked macaroni. 

And I think I have to agree with my 2008 self.  Yes, everything really is about food.

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  1. oh, i love me some power tools! one year i got a miter saw for christmas. still one of my all-time favorite gifts.