Sunday, September 11, 2011


Other than the horrible things - like the constant coughing, the fatigue, and the I-might-be-dying sentiment, there are two definitive perks to having bronchitis:

1.  My abs are now rock hard.  I've coughed enough to get a great workout and tight abs...just in time for the end of swimsuit season.

2.  I made it through my entire "instant queue" on Netflix.  I am now very familiar with every classic-novel-turned-movie-or-BBC-miniseries ever made.  And after watching so much Jane Austen, at least I could be grateful that I had only bronchitis and not consumption.

Here's to a new week...without any manner of itis.

1 comment:

  1. I am not jealous that you got bronchitis, but I am jealous about all the BBC adaptations you got to watch. You'll have to fill me in on which are worth watching so I can add them to my queue. :) Glad you are feeling better!