Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Happy Birthday, I got you a terrorist!"

I usually don't blog at work, but I have a little extra time on my hands right now, so I figured I'd give you all the play-by-play.

Why do I have so much extra time on my hands, you ask?

My office is currently under lockdown. In fact, the entire block surrounding my office is surrounded by police and taped off. The police have advised us to "stay away from outward walls and all windows" as a precautionary measure. It seems a little counterproductive to me, to keep everyone inside a building that may or may not blow up in the next hour. Shouldn't they want us all to evacuate?

When I got to metro center this morning, no, I didn't run into Mr. 400-pound-metro-launcher again. I was told that my exit was closed and to turn around. You've got to be kidding me. Then, the station manager was yelling at a conductor and told us all (there were probably 100 of us waiting to get back through the station at this point) to wait while he finished his heated conversation. Again, you've got to be kidding me. By the time I found my way to another exit and made it out to the street level, the police were taping off F-street. I made it into my office, took off my tennis shoes, put on my heels, and noticed that I was almost 45 minutes late for work.

I called Sally immediately to discuss. Not work, mind you, but rather the more important matter at hand: terrorists? We both agreed that apparently we get to take a hit for the team all because we were trying to get to work on time. If I had just been a little later, they wouldn't have let me into the building and I could have gone to the bookstore instead.

Metisse and I also discussed the potential consequences of the "suspicious package": death? A day off work? Free lunch at Chez? So many possiblities. Anyhow, it's Joanna's birthday today. Metisse generously told her, "Happy Birthday!!! I got you your very own terrorist!" Just what each of us always wanted.

More updates to follow (hopefully). I just hope it doesn't prevent me from getting to go out to dinner tonight.

And once again, my post ends revolving around food. Even under terrorist pressures, is that all I can think about?


  1. Everything relates to food. Food is the best.

    Sorry about the terrorists. They need a new hobby. Blowing up America is so cliche.

  2. Maybe next year, if you're really lucky, you can have your very own assasin!
    ...Or maybe even be part of a hostage situation.
    Good stuff. I like your blog!