Sunday, April 20, 2008

Things I've seen.

Things that I've seen lately:
A. Gigantic cheese (please see above). I have never been so happy, nor surprised in my life to see an enormous brie cheese wheel in Safeway. Thank you Maryland, you're right, my Virginia Safeway doesn't have such a wide selection.
B. On the way home from church today with Destiny and Rachel we sat acoss the metro from a fifty-something year old man and his slightly younger (ok, significantly younger) girlfriend. He groped her the whole time. In front of us. For five stops. I was shocked and awed (Thank you George W.) Is there no peace in the public sphere these days?
C. The look on people's faces when I pulled out a handfull of string cheese from my purse during sunday school. What can I say, sometimes I just need snacks (Valerie, if you're reading this, you taught me everything I need to know about snacks).
D. A freaky waiter (I call him Jafar) at Casablanca. He had the most terrifying eyes I've ever seen, was way too excited to see us, and kept asking "it good? it still good? want another coke??"
E. The largest blister I've ever had. Two inches of flesh pulled away from my right heel. That's what I get for buying Coach shoes.
F. A flock of segways. Yes, a flock. I call them a flock because that sounds better than a fleet. Don't you think?
G. The inside of my office. Not that that's new or anything, and not that that's exciting, but it's what I've seen a lot of.


  1. 1. I would like to post a picture of a flock of segu... whatever those are from when we were in paris sometime. Watch for it on my photo blog... but maybe not anytime soon as I left my paris photos at home in a box. But watch. I almost died laughing.

    2. Maryland has a fantastic selection of cheeses, especially in Trader Joe's and Roots... I'd bet that Whole Foods is pretty good as well.

    3. Say hello to Rachel for me. (F, not R [you])

    4. I am happy that you like my blog.

  2. I pretty much love you. So I'm piecing together parts of my life that had you in them before I realized who you were. Did you play the violin at Christmas time? And would you be interested in doing that again sometime because I have some quartet pieces and only three players?

    And also, most of my blog posts revolve around food too.

  3. Good for you Rache. Who cares about those people who give strange looks? The fact is, they're miserable and hungry and you're not.