Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello, Mr. Cellulose

January's always a productive month for me.  I get the urge to re-organize the house (new year = new storage shelves in the basement), work is busy and productive (because it has to be), and we end up getting a lot of other projects done, too.

Last year we had our kitchen re-done in January.

This year (last Friday) we had insulation installed in our attic and 2nd floor.  Blake had a flex day and generously stayed home to orchestrate the intense insulation procedure.  He also was there to accept the delivery of our new dining room chairs.  At one point, he said, there were three vans parked outside our house, tubes running in through the windows, and several delivery men coming in and out.  What a circus!

Blake's flex day has proven to be a great gift.  We wouldn't get nearly as many projects done if he weren't so able/willing to stick around the house and direct the chaos. (Thanks, lover!)

Anyhow, I came home Friday night to plastic covering all of our furniture, clumps of old fiberglass strewn across our walkway and stairs, and half an inch of black-ish dust covering everything.  It was a sight to behold.  And a dirty soup to breath.

It was safe to breath, though, because we used only green materials: cellulose and closed-cell foam.  Cellulose is made from recycled newspapers, so although it creates a dusty mess as it's going in, it won't harm you to breath and it won't lodge pesky little fiberglass shards in your feet.  We were so excited to get rid of the mildewy fiberglass batting that previously resided in our attic.  I can't tell you what a difference it's made.

Let me tell you folks, it was worth it.

After we finished cleaning everything up the next day - the vacuuming, oh the vacuuming! - we measured the upstairs temperature and it had risen by 12 degrees!  12 DEGREES!  That took it from the Arctic Tundra to sunny San Diego in less than a day.  In fact, our upstairs may even be warmer than our main floor now. 

Miracle of miracles!  Why didn't we do this before (or at least prior to December 31st when the good tax credits were viable)?!

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