Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A few pictures from December

Blake got me a new camera for Christmas (that seemed to be the theme...I got him one, too - different kinds though).  So, I'm dumping the photos from our old camera before I start using the new one.  Be prepared for better pictures in the future.  I declare 2011 to be the year of decent photos.

 This year's Christmas tree was a beauty.  As I mentioned before, it was like a scene out of Christmas Vacation: we turned the corner at the lot and it was like a beacon of light was shining upon it.  Too perfect to pass up.

Here we are at our annual ugly sweater party (I couldn't find an ugly sweater...whoops) playing a revival of girls v. boys Pictionary.  The girls won.  As usual.  

Special props go to Lindsey and her delightful thrifted Christmas cape.

Here I am prior to the party preparing some goodies.  

And here is part of the spread.  We forgot to take a picture of the complete set-up, but it was lovely (pats-self-on-back).

And here is a group shot (minus Lindsey) of me and the fatties at Cafe Rio in Provo over the break.  We got together for a quick lunch while everyone was in town (minus Gretchen, Erin and Jenny).  It was really fun to see everyone and catch up and ooh/ah over new babies, new jobs, new puppies etc.  

Note to self: don't try to hide gum at the side of your mouth for a picture.  It isn't actually hiding and it isn't actually doing you any favors.  Square smile?


  1. I'm sad I missed out on the picture at Cafe Rio! Looks like you had a fun vacation!

  2. I'm sad that I'm not considered a fattie anymore! I would have loved to see everyone :)

  3. You two always know how to throw a party!!! Long live ugly sweater parties:)