Monday, July 21, 2008

Other Merry Anectdotes

I've been a slacker lately.

I've been busy. Give me a break.

Here's a little of what I've been doing:

Last weekend my Dad came to visit. I --miraculously-- got off work early on Friday, so we spent the afternoon in the National Museum of the American Indian. I'd never been there before, and neither had my Dad, so we figured it was a great opportunity. My Dad knows a lot more about Native American history than I do, so that was also helpful.

While at the museum, we watched a movie about industrial hemp farmers. The hemp farmers didn't like the government too much, and the government didn't like them too much. By the end of this one-sided flick, I was thinking "down with police." Then I stepped outside the auditorium and had to re-evaluate.

That night we met Blake and headed down to Nationals Park for a ballgame. Not sure if it's just because the Nats play better in the heat (it was a scorcher...didn't know I could sweat that much) or it's because their most loyal fan (I even bought a baseball hat) was there, or if my Dad just brought really good luck, but we witnessed four home runs, and a Nats victory. I know what you're thinking: the Nats won? Yes, it's unbelievable, but it's true.

Saturday and Sunday were also unbelievably hot, but we slogged through the humidity and heat just fine. Luckily my Dad had rented a car, and had brought his GPS, so we were able to survive just fine.

This weekend Blake, Paul and I saw Dark Knight on Friday. We got there an hour early and still were about halfway down the line. I really don't think I could have stood to get there much earlier though, seeing as it was mid 90s and humid as an indoor pool.

The movie was great, although I felt it was a bit dark. A little hard to watch at some points, but I'll watch anything with Christian Bale. It's a 2 1/2 hour time investment I'm definitely willing to make.

Saturday night we did one of my DC summertime favorites: National Symphony Orchestra concert in Rock Creek Park. Everyone else opted out, so it ended up being just Blake and me. It was a beautiful night. Hot, but the trees coverage helped to cool down the amphitheater significantly. The set was "Music From the Americas" and the crazy young-ish conductor was very entertaining.

All-in-all it was a wonderful weekend. I could do without the high 90's weather we've been having, but I suppose that makes it good night-swimming weather, about which I really can't complain.

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