Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big news!

Blake and I saw Donald Rumsfeld yesterday.

Not sure how I feel about it, but I saw him. Dupont circle, it appears, is the happening place to be in the early morning hours.
I finished my job on Friday.
Blake bought a new car on Saturday.
I cut 8 inches off of my hair this morning.
I am going home tomorrow for two weeks (my shuttle comes at 4:55 am...wish me luck):
Ashton's getting married on Thursday! (Yes, I can hardly believe it's only two days away).
I get to see my brothers, whom I haven't seen since Christmas, and my parents and grandparents!
Lindsey, Rachel and Allie will be in town. It will have been over a year since the "pink house" has gotten together. I can't wait!
I get to meet Henry Freestone (the newest addition to Rachel and Todd's family).
I get to see the Baby Green Bulge (Lindsey's pregnant!)
I get to eat at Bajio and El Azteca.
It's alright, you're allowed to be jealous. I would be.


  1. yay! I am so excited to see you! I will give you a call tomorrow (hopefully when you aren't flying)

  2. Yes, this is definitely big news. I'm so excited to see you! Partial Fattie reunion! Yahoo!

  3. wow. sounds like you did have a ton going on. And you even saw Rummy. Nice.