Wednesday, March 19, 2008

You know you've been at work too long when...

Heretofore, Rachel S. ("R1") and Rachel R. ("R2"), (collectively, the "Parties") shall put for all reasonable best efforts to have rockin' dance parties each night in the office located at Juxon House, 100 St. Pauls Churchyard, London, United Kingdom.

WHEREAS, extremely long work hours are combined with copious amounts of diet coke; and
WHEREAS, the combination of the Parties with Susanna M. and Marta K. become collectively with the Parties, "Team Wilkinson";
BE IT RESOLVED, that no amount of hours spent in the office are at all extraneous or un-productive.

In accordance with the aforementioned, there shall be no limit to the number of virtual high-fives nor to the time spent in slow-motion running. Furthermore, the Parties must wear slippers each night after 8:30 pm and must spontaneously break into "It's been a Hard Day's Night" at every opportune time.

Team Wilkinson also agrees to put in a Good Faith Effort to be in conference room 12 whenever there is food, not withstanding any Force Majeure or Act of God. The receptionists (hereafter known as "support staff" will furthermore notify Team Wilkinson when the food has arrived due to the contract with Team Wilkinson regarding the necessity of eating food when it is still hot.

Duly administered and signed, this the 19th day of March 2008.


  1. So, this is what hell is like. I must say...aside from the 12-hour days, it doesn't seem all that bad! :)

  2. rachel. you are hilarious.

    thank you.

    ps you can thank fb stalking for me finding your entertaining lil blog.

  3. Rach! Your blog is fun to read! Check out ours :)

  4. i'm pretty naive to the whole thing, but you sound like you're ready for law-school.